Whisper Bracelets..Going, going…..

February 25, 2011

News alert!

I am updating this blog today Feb 26,2011.

The bracelets are gone..That was no surprise.

I have 150 more on the way.  I will not know what the design is until they arrive..

I ordered the 2 styles you see here and am expecting those will be mine!!!!

I promised many of you I would get my hands on the latest craze…I did it!

If you have not seen or heard of these..you will. 

 I found a company in Dallas when I was there for the gift show that has been able to ship to me every couple of weeks…

These are great, fun, bracelets.Trying to get your hands on one is the problem..

 Online these bracelets sell anywhere from 29.00-300.00.

They have been out of stock for a while..

Check out my pix..If you want one, let me know asap.


I am selling them for 16.00$  first come first serve


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