I can’t say enough about what Sally (My dear friend) has done to educate me and change my life.

I am not a good listener but,  I knew I needed to change what I put in my body and on my body!

Problem solved….

Come, listen, and enjoy.

April 9, 2011,  4-6pm

The Horsch House

3649 Gettysburg ave n

New Hope, Mn 55427

Let us know…763-544-4731 regrets.

Food, drinks, and a fresh start!

do it, try it, enjoy it


Premier Job on Fox 9

March 21, 2011

Congrats to Premier Catering and Event Planning for your delicious recipe and beautiful display

on Fox 9 News Sunday!

My secret is out! You are the best find in the Twin Cities..

Check it out on Fox 9 News Sunday am…

Greatest Beer Store

March 4, 2011

Start off with…Buy 5 get 1 free…Pick and choose International and domestic beer..Their wall is filled.

I am not a beer drinker but, I would buy them for the cool bottles…You have to see this!

I ran into this liquor store to buy a bottle of wine out of mere convenience..I was blown away by their wine selection..Forget about Haskell’s and Surdyk’s..The prices are great too…Worth the trip.

It is not a fancy liquor store..who cares though..It is very organized,very clean, and has the nicest owners. Make the trip!

Here is there website…They are located in downtown New Hope..I love New Hope.


I am not a golfer but, after sending this site to my” golfer friends” The response made it Ten Wings worthy!

Golfer’s enjoy!!


News alert!

I am updating this blog today Feb 26,2011.

The bracelets are gone..That was no surprise.

I have 150 more on the way.  I will not know what the design is until they arrive..

I ordered the 2 styles you see here and am expecting those will be mine!!!!

I promised many of you I would get my hands on the latest craze…I did it!

If you have not seen or heard of these..you will. 

 I found a company in Dallas when I was there for the gift show that has been able to ship to me every couple of weeks…

These are great, fun, bracelets.Trying to get your hands on one is the problem..

 Online these bracelets sell anywhere from 29.00-300.00.

They have been out of stock for a while..

Check out my pix..If you want one, let me know asap.


I am selling them for 16.00$  first come first serve

Potato Bar?

February 23, 2011

I was eavesdropping today in line at the grocery store…There  was a couple probably in there 40’s..Talking about the potato bar at Joe’s Garage in uptown.

They offer 1 or 2 scoops of their famous garlic mashed. Then choose from unique toppings…I had to come home and check out Joe’s website… Wow!

Who doesn’t love comfort food in Feb.?

eat it..


Fun way to shop…

February 19, 2011

This is a brand new site that is home to tons of online shops.

Everything from fashion to jewelry to home accessories. Gotta love it!

New , vintage, and contempoary..Very different from Etsy.com and Ebay!

See it.