With cakes and cupcakes being so popular right now the options have become overwhelming.

I can make it easier for you….

My dear friend who is a mother of 2 small kids, has taken cakes to a new level!

After making cakes for friends and relatives, the secret was out!  Marie has found her calling…

I am attaching a link for you to see some of her works of art..

I wish I could find a better words to use than unique and awesome..

Top it off with delicious….

see it.



Potato Bar?

February 23, 2011

I was eavesdropping today in line at the grocery store…There  was a couple probably in there 40’s..Talking about the potato bar at Joe’s Garage in uptown.

They offer 1 or 2 scoops of their famous garlic mashed. Then choose from unique toppings…I had to come home and check out Joe’s website… Wow!

Who doesn’t love comfort food in Feb.?

eat it..